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April 17th 2014

We are organising a new series of employment law breakfast briefings, which topics give insight into the latest changes and movement in employment law. Read on to find out more or to register to attend.

Whether you own a house or a commercial property make sure that the sale of part of it will not have an unexpected knock-on effect in the future, says Robert Draper in our residential property team.

Peter Raybould of our company commercial team outlines the process of dissolving a company and some common mistakes to be aware of.

Mediation can be a very effective way of resolving a dispute, explains Nick Southwell of our litigation & dispute resolution team.

Where a seller’s title is based upon adverse possession (commonly known as squatting) or where a title cannot be proven because the title deeds have been lost or destroyed, a seller is said to have a ‘possessory’ title only.

At long last, the UK appears to be emerging from recession and the recruitment market is warming up. Now is the time to make sure you can retain your key staff when they might be tempted away by a competitor. 

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