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April 03rd 2017

We are celebrating our platinum anniversary as the firm turns 70 this month.

Interviewers need to bear in mind that anything said during an interview can be relied upon in an employment tribunal, and because of this, businesses need to train staff to know what questions can and cannot be asked, explains Jenny Hawrot in our employment law team.

Intellectual property (IP) disputes in the High Court can be costly and complex, but did you know that there is a specialist court which may provide SMEs with a quicker and cheaper way to resolve them?

Solicitor Jenny Hawrot asks, what are an employer's limits when it comes to pre-employment screening?

Solicitor Sophie Martyn in our corporate & commercial team explains the 'Duomatic principle' - the subject of a recent Court of Appeal decision.

Paul Gordon, partner in our litigation & dispute resolution team, explains more about how the new Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Act has made changes in an area of the law which is often misunderstood.

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