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Tenant eviction – a complete guide for residential landlords

At Willans our tenant eviction solicitors can provide residential landlords with specialist advice and expertise to help landlords with their rental property. In this guide we answer some questions commonly […]

Process of contesting a will: The key steps explained

If you think someone’s will has been created incorrectly, you might be able to legally challenge it. There are several factors to consider when starting the process of contesting a […]

Why you can’t list a Ford Focus as a Porsche 911

Vehicle misrepresentation – a statement made from one person to another, which is later found to be untrue or inaccurate – is a common issue and can lead to drastic […]

The higher cost of proceeding to trial

Our litigation & dispute resolution partner outlines some of the commercial risks involved in proceeding to trial in an intellectual property infringement case. In trademark infringement and passing off cases, […]

Don’t demolish your prospects in a building dispute

As a team, we often deal with disputes between consumers and builders relating to new builds, extensions and substantial property alterations. While not uncommon, how can you avoid a dispute […]

Normality resumes for property possession claims

There’s no doubt that the past 18 months have been difficult for businesses and individuals, both financially and personally. Residential property landlords have been particularly impacted by the ban on […]

Trademarks – use them or lose them!

In the UK, a trademark may be registered for different classes of goods and services. However, registered or not, if the mark is not used as intended, it’s possible for […]

LEGO wins important intellectual property case

The General Court of the European Union (GCEU) has ruled in favour of the toy brick manufacturer LEGO in a recent intellectual property dispute. A patent gives the owner the […]

Brexit and your intellectual property: the changes

The Intellectual Property Office has provided useful guidance on the key changes post-Brexit. The Brexit transition period, set out in the UK and EU’s Withdrawal Agreement, came to an end […]

Protecting your intellectual property: Messi wins again…(and you can, too)

The ECJ has recently dismissed an appeal from MASSI, a Spanish cycling company, to uphold the decision that Lionel Messi is able to register his name, “Messi”, as a trade […]

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