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Location, Location, Reactivation: Residential lettings post COVID-19

Buy-to-let properties are a popular investment for private individuals and large-scale investors alike. For many, those buy-to-let properties are an important part of their capital investments and regular income. As part of this, it is vital for landlords to ensure that their rent is paid on time and that their properties are being correctly looked […]

Protecting your intellectual property: Messi wins again…(and you can, too)

The ECJ has recently dismissed an appeal from MASSI, a Spanish cycling company, to uphold the decision that Lionel Messi is able to register his name, “Messi”, as a trade mark. The law has operated to give a wide meaning to trade marks and has found that they may be words (e.g. KODAK), slogans (e.g. […]

Common issues for landlords (and how to avoid them)

Over recent years more and more people have invested in residential property so that they may rent it out. Whether you became a landlord for a capital return on the property, to provide some ancillary income, or incidentally due to a change in circumstances it is vital that you meet your obligations as a landlord […]

Does my employer own my intellectual property?

From an advertising poster through to a developed piece of software, intellectual property rights will arise whenever there are creative endeavors in the workplace. It is important for employers to take steps to ensure that the ownership of these intellectual property rights are clear. Failure to do so can give rise to costly disputes down […]

The classic car market & the law – Q&A

The classic car market is a multi-billion pound industry, not surprisingly with many legal complications, but that shouldn’t impair the joy these four-wheeled icons can bring… What kind of businesses are involved in the classic car industry? The classic car market is said to be worth £5bn a year to the UK economy, involving not […]

No copyright, no cry: The court rules on Bob Marley copyright ownership

In the 1970s, internationally famous reggae singer and songwriter Bob Marley attributed certain songs to other artists, including one of his most famous hits ‘No woman, no cry’, to avoid copyright and royalties going to his record company. In the recent case of BSI Enterprises Ltd and another v Blue Mountain Music Ltd [2014] EWHC […]

Residential tenancies – is a section 21 notice effective if served before the deposit is protected?

The outcome of a recent County Court case means it may now be possible to rely on a section 21 notice to end a tenancy agreement provided the tenant’s deposit is lodged in the correct procedure. Under current legislation (since 6 April 2007), a landlord must join a tenancy deposit scheme (‘TDS’) if a tenant under a residential […]

Website blocking injunctions & ISPs

If you believe that someone is infringing your intellectual property rights by using your content on their website, as well as taking action against that infringing party, you may also want to seek an injunction against the internet service provider (ISP) itself. This can require them to prevent customers from accessing the website. A recent case at the European Court of […]

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