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Court ruling sees family miss out on £3M inheritance

A court ruling has seen a family miss out on a £3 million inheritance following a text message between the testator and his will writer. In a recent High Court […]

Copyright law: Mickey Mouse steams into the public domain

With the famous Disney character entering the public domain earlier this year, our litigation & dispute resolution team reminds us of intellectual property and copyright law. When considering copyright, even […]

Who can bring a claim for possession of a residential rental property?

What happens when a residential property has been rented out and you need it back? Our specialist property litigation team look into some key points owners and landlords need to […]

World Intellectual Property Day: overcoming an alleged trademark infringement

This World Intellectual Property Day, find out how we’ve been helping to resolve an intellectual property dispute involving a Gloucestershire-based business. In our day-to-day lives, we encounter trademarks in almost […]

Tenants already in situ: which notices should landlords be aware of?

Are you a landlord that’s bought or sold a property with tenants already in occupation? Our team of experts offer guidance on which notices landlords should be aware of. Perhaps […]

Building disputes: Dealing with cowboy builders and legal lassos

Home improvement projects are becoming more popular due to the rise in hybrid working, causing the potential for more building disputes. With more of us benefiting from hybrid and home […]

Should the court have the power to make parties engage in mediation?

Should the court have the power to make parties engage in mediation? Our team of experts look into a recent case that sheds light on changes to how courts can […]

Tenant eviction – a complete guide for residential landlords

Our tenant eviction solicitors provide residential landlords with specialist advice and expertise to help with their rental property. In this guide we take you through the process of how we […]

Process of contesting a will: The key steps explained

If you think someone’s will has been created incorrectly, you might be able to legally challenge it. There are several factors to consider when starting the process of contesting a […]

Why you can’t list a Ford Focus as a Porsche 911

Vehicle misrepresentation – a statement made from one person to another, which is later found to be untrue or inaccurate – is a common issue and can lead to drastic […]

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