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Do something new for Dementia Awareness Week

21 May 2015

We all know that dementia affects our memory. Not being able to recognise the people we love or failing to remember the way home are synonymous with conversations about dementia. This is how we see the illness.

Dementia also affects our personality and mood. Those we loved yesterday are still recognised but are now ostracised due to some imagined slight and even if we wanted to we no longer have the communication skills to explain why.

A dementia diagnosis is often a motivator for people to put in place the will and lasting powers of attorney that they have been considering for decades. The onset of dementia does not necessarily mean your capacity to put in place these documents has been lost. However, as it progresses the illness may alter the way you usually treat those you love; you may even become violent and aggressive towards them.

This means that it is important to take steps to ensure that your loved ones can deal with your estate throughout your lifetime as well as on your death. Make a will now, when you are fit and healthy and then review it every five years or sooner if family circumstances suggest it.

Put in place appropriate powers of attorney so that your family can manage your finances for your benefit and can make decisions about your care. Do not leave loved ones to try to look after you without giving them the tools to do so.

Jennifer handles wills and estate planning, probate and the administration of estates, trusts and issues concerning mental capacity. She also advises on a range of Court of Protection matters including lasting powers of attorney, the registration of enduring powers of attorney and deputyship applications.

For more information about the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Awareness Week visit

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