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Prenuptial agreements | A complete guide

A prenuptial agreement is a bespoke document drawn up by a solicitor or lawyer. It is a sound and sensible way to protect the assets you have worked hard for, […]

Re-evaluating relationships in the new year: Is divorce the right move?

With Christmas festivities over and another new year now well underway, the day widely known as ‘Blue Monday’ is upon us once more. Although originally devised as a marketing ploy, […]

‘One lawyer, two clients’ to be introduced soon for divorcing couples

The last few years have seen a considerable amount of change in our UK divorce laws. From the introduction and roll out of a no-fault divorce process to online applications […]

‘Quickie’ divorces – Are they worth it or do they cause more complications?

Since the introduction of no-fault divorce in April 2022, there has been an increase in online services claiming to deal with divorces in a cheaper, quicker and more convenient way […]

Protecting business assets in a divorce

For those who put considerable time, effort and money into setting up and running a successful business, it is important that this investment is protected as much as possible. However, […]

Financial settlements in divorce: What to do if you’ve been affected by ongoing delays

With HM Treasury recalculating public sector pensions, divorcing couples are likely to experience delays when finalising their financial settlements. The issue is affecting NHS staff and teachers at present, with […]

No-fault divorce: A Q&A one year on

The no-fault divorce provisions have been in place for a year, but for separating couples this simplified process can still feel unfamiliar and daunting. We answer some common questions about […]

The plight of unmarried cohabiting couples: government rejects MP calls for reform

A group of MPs recently published a report calling for “urgent” reforms in legislation, which currently leave unmarried, cohabiting couples with “inferior” protections. Some key recommendations made for consideration were […]

Divorce and finances: A guide to dividing assets upon divorce or separation

On this page, we offer a comprehensive guide to divorce and finances. Read on for more information about financial remedy orders, asset protection, and dividing up your personal and business […]

No-fault divorce – everything you need to know

Today, the landmark no-fault divorce law comes into effect in England and Wales. This means that divorcing couples no longer have to play the ‘blame game’ or provide evidence of […]

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