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Agriculture & rural affairs

Buying, selling and letting farmland during the agricultural transition

English agriculture is in the middle of a major transition, with some of the biggest changes to farming practices and farm payments seen in over half a century. Our experts […]

The advantages & traps of option agreements

An option agreement can be utilised when a developer is considering purchasing land for development. It grants them the ‘option’ to purchase land for an agreed-upon price (or price mechanism) […]

Making the most out of your land with an overage agreement

With the current housing shortage, farmers and other landowners are finding that their fields, agricultural buildings and even small parcels of unused scrub land are increasingly being considered for development. […]

Grazing licence or Farm Business Tenancy: Which is right for you?

Grazing licences and Farm Business Tenancies (FBTs) are both occupational arrangements available to landowners – but which is right for you? This will largely depend on the activities to be […]

Hold your horses: The dangers of a grazing licence gone wrong

If not in writing or drafted carefully, a grazing agreement may inadvertently create a tenancy rather than a licence, giving the grazier far greater rights than the parties intended. A […]

Advice for landowners – the advantages and traps of promotion agreements

What are the benefits of land promotion agreements and when should landowners be wary? One of our experienced agriculture & estates lawyers shares their insight. Promotion agreements are joint venture […]

Prescriptive rights – whose land is it anyway?

For prescriptive rights to arise over land, they have to have been exercised without force, secrecy or permission of the landowner. Winterburn v Bennet In the case of Winterburn v Bennett, the […]

Family feud over farm fortune

A farmer has won a legal battle against his brothers for sole ownership of a farm, even though his father’s will stated that it should be shared equally between them. […]

Land and farming partnership agreements

Business property relief (BPR) is valuable for inheritance tax (IHT) purposes as it has the ability to reduce the value of assets to nil. Therefore, BPR should be considered when […]

Agricultual buildings and permitted development rights

Local authorities have been slow to come to terms with the new Class MB permitted development right which allows agricultural buildings under certain circumstances to be converted into residential dwellings. […]

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