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Agriculture & rural affairs

Fracking – myths and the truth

While the fracking debate continues to rage across the country, it should be noted that no shale gas has yet been produced from hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’ as it is more commonly known, nor have any reserves been proven to date. Many myths surround the practice so we have created this brief note to outline […]

Farmers solar farm subsidies to be cut

DEFRA has just announced plans that will see farmers lose their right to claim agricultural subsidies for fields filled with solar panels. According to DEFRA, this will help the countryside from being blighted by solar farms and will instead see more land used for grazing and growing crops. This change, which comes into effect from […]

Single Payment Scheme, Basic Payment Scheme and the transfer window

Farmers are reminded that Single Payment Scheme entitlements become Basic Payment Scheme entitlements on 1 January 2015. Whilst the deadline for the transfer of entitlements is usually 2 April, if you want the recipient to be able to claim them for that calendar year note that the rules are slightly different during this transitional period. […]

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