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How to play Monopoly and win; using intellectual property to make money for your business

03 May 2016

We will be speaking on the main stage at this year’s Gloucestershire Business Show. Our legal experts have teamed up with two leading professional services firms; Vicki Strachan, partner, patent attorney at Wynne-Jones IP and James Geary, head of corporate tax at accountancy firm, Randall and Payne, to deliver a talk about how businesses can use intellectual property for financial gain.

The presentation, which will take place at The Gloucestershire Business Show at Cheltenham Racecourse on Wednesday 18 May between 11.00 and 12.00, will explore what IP is, why it is important and how it can add value, making money for businesses and facilitating funding for inventions.

“IP is everywhere; in every product, every service and every human initiative,” began Vicki Strachan, partner, patent attorney at Wynne-Jones IP. “Well-run businesses legally protect theirs as much as they can to prevent competitors from stealing it, to create and build new markets and to unlock tax credits worth potentially thousands of pounds.”

Solicitor, Paul Gordon of Willans LLP, commented: “The success of your business stems from your commitment to your intellectual property. It is vital that businesses not only take steps to ensure they own their IP when it is created, but also to then protect it to ensure, as best as possible, that they have the monopoly over exploitation of the IP. ”

“This presentation is a must-see if you are serious about creating a competitive advantage for your brands, ideas and innovations. There is no charge to attend this talk.” added Vicki.

For more information and to register your interest for this free presentation please click here.


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