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We combine expertise to share one of the best kept secrets in business strategy

20 September 2016

We are one of three local businesses combining our expertise for a day to benefit business owners and entrepreneurs by talking about how to use intellectual property to make money for your business.

Our Chambers-rated intellectual property team will join professionals from Randall & Payne accountants and Wynne Jones IP on the main stage at the Business of Innovating day on Friday 7 October, part of the internationally-known Malvern Festival of Innovation.

Topics covered include; how to get cash back from HMRC via R&D tax credits, how to protect your brands and inventions to capture market share, how to license IP to make money, how to enforce your legal rights against infringement and how to combat counterfeit goods relatively cheaply.

Dr Adrian Burden, Malvern Festival of Innovation founder, said:

“This is an opportunity to learn from experts about real-life business case studies which could apply to your own situation. Hear about the value of protecting your IP; you will leave this session aided with practical tips on how to go about it successfully, how to defend your portfolio, and how it can actually make money rather than cost you money.”

The symposium is free for all to attend and will also feature talks about the UK’s innovation landscape and tech clusters from keynote speakers from Innovate UK and Nesta, helping regional businesses of all kinds understand how they fit into our changing ecosystem and where opportunities may lie.

During the day, there will also be a range of exhibitors showcasing their innovative products and services as well as offering helpful advice and support to successfully scale your business. With networking opportunities and an entrepreneurs pitching session, this could be a day that positively improves your bottom line.

Dr Adrian Burden explained that this symposium, at the Malvern Theatres, is suited to entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders keen to understand what drives the innovation economy in the UK and how to start and grow new businesses to succeed. He shared:

“The day is devoted to instilling innovation in the heart of your business. Whether you need to protect intellectual property, secure funding, start a new venture, grow an existing enterprise or expand overseas, this festival day focuses on how to think creatively about your business operations and will include case studies and a popular elevator pitching session from brave entrepreneurs facing the audience and panel.”

To find out more detailed information or to attend please visit

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