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February 01st 2019

We've recently appointed six additional lawyers, and made three senior-level promotions, to help meet the growing demands of our commercial and private clients.

Business immigration specialist Helen Howes explains the considerations for businesses employing EU citizens arriving in the UK post-Brexit. 

Business immigration specialist Helen Howes explains more about the EU settlement scheme and how businesses can support affected employees. 

Gloucestershire businesses gained some clarity over their legal obligations post-Brexit at our workshop at Manor by the Lake on 26 February.

As an employer, what do you do if you suspect that an employee, who is absent from work due to illness, is not actually unwell? Employment law associate solicitor Jenny Hawrot explains more.

With temperatures across the UK plummeting and forecasters suggesting colder weather is on the way, many workplaces have become far colder than usual this week and inevitably the question of how cold does a workplace need to be before workers should be sent home has cropped up.

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