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Ending a commercial lease: Key takeaways for tenants from our recent webinar

Your business’s property needs won’t always align perfectly with the expiry of your commercial lease, so it’s common for tenants to want to exit their lease early. In this scenario, […]

Lockdown business rent arrears are recoverable: High Court

Commercial landlords will welcome a recent High Court decision, in which an application for a judgment against a tenant in arrears was upheld. In the first judgment of its kind […]

Pretty vacant: When stripping out goes too far

In an interesting case decided in December 2020, the High Court considered whether a tenant who exercised a break clause went too far in making sure that he gave vacant […]

Residential possession claim delays: an end in sight?

Private residential landlords have faced a tough couple of years with changes to the tax regime, increasing obligations, issues with recovery of unpaid rent and recently the outright ban on […]

Location, Location, Reactivation: Residential lettings post COVID-19

Buy-to-let properties are a popular investment for private individuals and large-scale investors alike. For many, those buy-to-let properties are an important part of their capital investments and regular income. As […]

Common issues for landlords (and how to avoid them)

Over recent years more and more people have invested in residential property so that they may rent it out. Whether you became a landlord for a capital return on the […]

COVID-19: The landlord’s dilemma

Much has been made of the steps which have been taken by the government to protect both commercial and residential tenants during the current crisis, which in many cases has […]

Automatic stay in squatter possession proceedings removed

Pressure from property litigation professionals has seen the Master of the Rolls modify the automatic stay in all possession proceedings, imposed on 26 March by a Practice Direction, when the […]

COVID-19: Holiday time for guarantors?

With many tenants seeking rental holidays most landlords may be shaking their heads over a loss or reduction of income for one, two or maybe more quarters. Tenants are pressing […]

Coronavirus: What it means for residential landlords

The government has passed emergency legislation to protect tenants from eviction during the COVID-19 pandemic, by the Coronavirus Act 2020. These changes affect nearly all tenants in the private rented […]

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