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Inheritance, will & trust disputes

Left out of a will? Act quickly to claim under the Inheritance Act 1975

When writing a will, you can leave an estate to whoever you like. However, leaving a relative or dependent out of a will doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t benefit; if […]

True story: Changing wills for financial gain

The recent BBC drama, ‘The Sixth Commandment’, told the true story of chilling crimes of a man who targeted elderly victims who he could persuade to change their wills for […]

The Inheritance Act (1975): What is it? Can you make a claim?

The Inheritance (Provision for Family & Dependents) Act 1975 can be a lifeline for those who have been overlooked when it comes to inheritance. Unlike some jurisdictions, under the law […]

Contesting a will: A complete guide to contesting a will

Lawyers often refer to disputes around inheritance and challenging the validity of wills as ‘contentious probate’. On this page, we’ll focus on contesting a will; that is, exploring the reasons […]

From neverland to never ever – disputing ‘the King of Pop’s’ estate

Michael Jackson, known by many as the ‘King of Pop,’ passed away on 25 June 2009. When preparing his will, he had plenty to consider, including his many assets and […]

A guide to disputes with trustees & executors

What is an executor? Executors are the people who are chosen by the person making a will and are tasked with administering their estate. They are the individuals (for example, […]

Contesting your inheritance or entitlement

Inheritance Act 1975: If you haven’t been properly provided for, we can help you get the outcome you need. If you feel you have been left out of a will, […]

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