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Willans’ partner wins Formula 1 case: court finds right to imply term into IP and merchandising agreement

The head of Willans’ dispute resolution team has won a case involving an intellectual property (IP) licence and merchandising agreement, after Silverstone-based Formula 1 team, Force India went into liquidation. Partner, Paul Gordon acted for Stichd Sportsmerchanding BV in their High Court case against the liquidators in Re Force India One Team 2022 EWHC 933 […]

Coronavirus: What it means for residential landlords

The government has passed emergency legislation to protect tenants from eviction during the COVID-19 pandemic, by the Coronavirus Act 2020. These changes affect nearly all tenants in the private rented sector although lodger agreements and other licences are not affected. These changes are only intended to be temporary; they aim to prevent tenants from being […]

Does a director owe a fiduciary duty to a company’s shareholders?

New case law has thrown directors’ duties into the spotlight once again. Trainee solicitor Helen Howes explains more… Under the Companies Act, a director owes fiduciary duties to the company in which they hold office, and must not act in a manner which breaches those duties. It is a well-established principle that these duties are […]

Process of contesting a will: the key steps explained

If you think someone’s will has been created incorrectly, you might be able to legally challenge it. There are several factors to consider when starting the process of contesting a will, and here we will run through the key steps. You should first establish whether you qualify as a person permitted to do so. A […]

The classic car market & the law – Q&A

The classic car market is a multi-billion pound industry, not surprisingly with many legal complications, but that shouldn’t impair the joy these four-wheeled icons can bring… What kind of businesses are involved in the classic car industry? The classic car market is said to be worth £5bn a year to the UK economy, involving not […]

Proprietary estoppel: challenging a ‘broken promise’

If you have been promised a gift or other property from a person that has died but this promise hasn’t been reflected in their will, a solicitor or lawyer may still be able to help you make a claim for it, using a legal principle called ‘proprietary estoppel’. What do lawyers mean by ‘proprietary estoppel’? […]

“If science can help, then it should”: Court orders woman to take DNA test in landmark judgment

Litigation partner Paul Gordon is acting for a client in an inheritance dispute which has given rise to a “significant development” in the law. The case was heard in the High Court, Bristol with the judgment handed down on Wednesday. It has resulted in a successful interim application that the court make an order for […]

Residential tenancies – is a section 21 notice effective if served before the deposit is protected?

The outcome of a recent County Court case means it may now be possible to rely on a section 21 notice to end a tenancy agreement provided the tenant’s deposit is lodged in the correct procedure. Under current legislation (since 6 April 2007), a landlord must join a tenancy deposit scheme (‘TDS’) if a tenant under a residential […]

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