US companies

US companies

With its common language, easy transport links, comparatively light employment regulation, and relatively low interest and taxation rates, the United Kingdom provides an attractive bridgehead for US companies expanding into Europe and the Middle East.

We represent many such US companies, including Fortune 500 companies, high-growth businesses and start-ups, each with operations in the UK and EU. Many of our clients are active in the technology sector, but we also act for ones involved in aerospace, cyber, professional services software, and manufacturing.

We are "very easy to deal with, approachable and committed" and aim to provide a quality service at a sensible cost. We are located in Cheltenham, only two hours west of London Heathrow, in the world-famous Cotswolds region (home to Prince Charles, Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet and Kate Moss, to name a few!). Many of our partners and other lawyers previously practised in London commercial law firms, but have chosen to live and work in the Cotswolds for lifestyle reasons. As a consequence of our reduced overheads, we are a viable and cost-effective alternative to London law firms, and are equally as available for face-to-face meetings via video conferencing/ Skype or through email or phone.

What we can do for you

If you are considering expanding into the UK, we can help you with all or any of the following:

  • establishing a limited company or other trading entity
  • acquiring an existing business
  • purchasing or leasing business premises
  • contracts and HR policies for employees, contractors and freelancers
  • immigration requirements for bringing employees into the UK
  • supplier contracts in the UK
  • terms of trading in the UK

Additionally, we are able to offer HR Legal Toolkit, a legal package which integrates with Cloudtamers HR management software (powered by NetSuite). HR Legal Toolkit provides employment law support for all the HR activities an organisation may be undertaking. It creates a seamless system with readily accessible legal support, invaluable templates and a document library which guides users through approved HR processes – from recruiting to performance issues or dismissal – ensuring that correct procedure is followed and the risk of litigation is reduced.

Contact one of our partners, Matthew Clayton, in the first instance to discuss how we can help advise you.

"Willans generates applause as a result of it 'pulling out all the stops' to assist clients and demonstrating 'commitment to the task' at hand." Chambers

Matthew Clayton

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