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January 28th 2015

What to look out for when booking your holiday car rental from Nick Cox, head of ligitation.

Commercial proceedings are won and lost on the quality of a party’s evidence, most specifically documents and correspondence that must be disclosed to the other side, explains dispute resolution solicitor Nick Southwell. 

The Deregulation Act 2015 was passed earlier this year and covers various issues which will be of interest to landlords, tenants and those appointed to deal with residential properties explains Amy Gates in our property litigation team.

A passing off claim is a way of enforcing an intellectual property right explains Paul Gordon in our dispute resolution and litigation department.

Litigation is a very expensive way of resolving disputes and it is not uncommon for the cost of issuing, or defending, a claim to exceed the damages. One way of trying to limit your exposure to costs is to use Part 36 of the Civil Procedure Rules.

In Thomas Pink Limited v Victoria’s Secrets UK Limited, the British shirt maker issued court proceedings for trademark infringement against lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret over the right to use the word “PINK”.

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