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July 12th 2012

Simon Brazier reports on new rules governing the use of cookies.

Although ‘the paperless office’ is still a way off, we are all now processing and storing more digital material than ever. One consequence of this shift to digital-only working is that of data protection.

Our IT, e-commerce and internet expert partner Simon Brazier explores the new framework that may be implemented nationally, and as early as next year.

The recent decision in Tiffin v Lester Aldridge is a reminder of the importance of a well-drafted LLP agreement that clearly sets out the duties, responsibilities and employment status of members.

Now and again a buyer will acquire land or property by buying the shares of the company that owns it, rather than buying the land itself - in a recent case, an agent lost out on commission of around £2 million after such a transaction took place. 

Businesses should be on the alert for the latest wheeze – cold calls offering so-called ‘expertise’ with a new EU ‘cookies’ law. 

The use of side letters in commercial transactions is common. Ancillary to a contract, a side letter is used to clarify, supplement or vary the original agreement. The key question is whether or not it is in fact a legally binding contract. 

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